Art with a wink

You come home after a busy day, your head is full of a thousand things. At home you sit on the couch. Your attention is drawn to a sculpture, perhaps it is a colourful dog or a deer in bronze …. it makes you smile, it reminds you of pleasant moments, it relaxes you and gives you a feeling of freedom. You come home. I was 8 years old when I discovered the shed in my parent’s backyard. I watched my father make tables. I wanted to know how the construction was structured, I wanted to create something myself. I wanted to use the tools and materials that could be found in the shed.


Wooden sculptures

My first statue was made of wood, with guidance from my grandfather. The shed became my domain. I would lose myself for hours creating new pieces. Especially sculptures, but also drawings and animals from fabric. The paintings came later.


Nature as a source of inspiration

There is an urge to create in me. To scoop with my hands. Nature is my source of inspiration. Animals, plants, all the different ways in which life takes shape. For years I have had a studio in my own backyard where I make my sculptures and paintings. Where I can go to quickly, when I have a new inspiration and where I can work outside, when the weather lets me.


Geometry and symmetry

As a mathematician, I like geometric shapes; the fractal symmetry of, for example, a fern of a tree branch, patterns in water or sand …. nature loves structure and I give these forms a place in my work.


Communicate with art

As an adult I discovered that I can communicate with others with my images and paintings. I believe that life is there to have fun, to love, to enjoy, from and with other people and animals. You can see that in my art. I hope my art shows you and makes you feel how beautiful life is – with a wink.


The purpose of my art

My mission is to make people happy with my art. Everything is energy, if you focus on positive and beautiful things around you, on having fun, joy, love, you will spread these things. The more happy people there are in this world, the more happiness there will be. The best thing you can do for others is to be happy!