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What others say?

Colorful, perfect experience. We have experienced the information we received and the direct answering of questions as positive. The images were quickly and perfectly packed, shipped. Our 2 pets brighten up our room to our full satisfaction!
To visit Jacky’s studio was a really good experience for us. We enjoyed seeing all major sculptures and paintings. All was beautiful and great. Positive colors with a great artist, we liked it. Thanks Jacky, for all.
Showcat, unique painting, Jacky Zegers
François, Dany and Maeva
Received a large box with four smaller boxes and a personal card within a few days. Awesome! Wonderful morning with the unpacking of four beautiful colorful miniatures that are now celebrating a party in our display case together with a previously purchased copy. A joy to watch.
Jan en Annemarie Smith


There is an urge to create in me. To scoop with my hands. Nature is my source of inspiration. Animals, plants, all the different ways in which life takes shape. As a mathematician, I like geometric shapes; the fractal symmetry of, for example, a fern of a tree branch, patterns in water or sand. Nature loves structure and I give these forms a place in my work. I believe that life is there to have fun, to love, to enjoy, from and with other people and animals. You can see that in my art. I hope my art shows you and makes you feel how beautiful life is – with a wink. My mission is to make people happy with my art. Everything is energy, if you focus on positive and beautiful things around you, on having fun, joy, love, you will spread these things. The more happy people there are in this world, the more happiness there will be. The best thing you can do for others is to be happy!

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